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Application support

Having selected Workday as the strategic HR system for your organisation it is important to determine the right software support model that fits your organisational business needs. The right support model will enable you to provide support services in line with the agreed services levels and allow you to continuously improve your services to be ahead of the steadily changing customers’ demands, expectations and their business needs.

We work with you to manage the design and deployment of your organisation’s application support model for Workday. We assess your current support capabilities, identify the capabilities you are looking to retain in house, review third party Workday support specialists options, design your application support processes and governance framework and transition support from the programme to your application support team.

How we support you:

  • Define your organisation's support model requirements, covering details such as, scope of support services, support time zone coverage, service level agreements and languages.

  • Define the support capabilities and activities to retain in-house vs to-be managed or supplemented by a third party Workday application support specialist.

  • Define your Workday support model design, detailing the support framework, service scope, team structure, roles, responsibilities, service levels, support processes and governance structure.

  • Oversee the tender process for selecting a specialist third party application support provider, including creating a request for proposal document, developing the assessment criteria and providing recommendations.

  • Define the role descriptions for each application support role within the support model, working with your HR team to document detailed role profiles, grading the role, advertising the role and undertaking the selection process.

  • Develop the services readiness criteria and warranty support approach.

  • Provide hands-on application support once live in production to fill temporary resource or capability gaps for configuration maintenance, enhancements and creation of EIB templates for mass data loads.

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