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We partner with you to design and implement your organisation's new HR service delivery model and end-to-end people processes, collect, cleanse and transform your data into the format needed for migration, architect your IT landscape with Workday as the master system integrating to your organisation's strategic enterprise systems and prepare your business for the change and transition smoothly to your support organisation.

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Programme delivery

Manage delivery of the programme inline with the agreed scope, timeline, budget, quality criteria. We ensure decisions made throughout the programme are consistent with the agreed business objectives and that an effective programme governance structure is in place to support the timely decision making, remove project barriers and effectively manage risks and issues resoluton.

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Change management

Manage the delivery of the programmes change agenda, including design and deployment of a change management strategy tailored specifically for your organisation's culture, people and processes. We work with you to help prepare your organisation for the change journey ahead and transform your workplace with empowered, self-sufficient users. 

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Process and functional design

Manage the design and deployment of end-to-end people processes leveraging Workday’s standard and best practices to harmonise and simplify your processes. We work with you to identify your current pain points, the moments that matter for people within your organisation and design efficient processes through the lens of your organisation's end users. 

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Data management

Manage the end-to-end process for migrating and cleansing data from your legacy HR applications into Workday. We work with you to define the data migration approach, profile the quality and completeness of your organisation's people data and configure our bespoke data migration tool which will be used to transform your organisation's data into the required format for your implementation partner to load into Workday.

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Reporting and analytics

Manage the design and deployment of your organisation's people analytics strategy. We work alongside your organisation's enterprise architects to ensure your people analytics strategy dovetails with your organisation’s broader enterprise data and analytics strategy and work with you to leverage Workday’s suite of people dashboard, key performance indicators, embedded analytics and operational reports.  

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Systems architecture and integration

Manage the delivery of all technical components of your Workday programme. We work with you to define your organisation's integration strategy, assessing the technical impact of implementing Workday into your system landscape, designing and deploying integrations to your strategic enterprise systems as well as assessing your single-sign-on and mobile strategy options.

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Quality assurance and testing

Manage the testing and quality assurance process. We work with you to design the test management approach for the programme detailing the scope, timeline, roles, responsibilities, tools, processes and standards to be used during each test stage. In addition, we will set up the test management tool, create test scenarios and manage the day-to-day test execution and incident management process ensuring the solution is fit-for-purpose and ultimately ready for live operation. 

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Cutover management

Manage the cutover approach for transitioning onto the new, system, processes, and service operations. We work with you to define your cutover framework including developing your cutover strategy and plan, contingency and roll black plans, facilitate a dress rehearsal and ultimately mange the cutover into production.

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Application support

Manage the design and support the set-up of your organisation’s application support model for Workday. We work with you to assess your current support capabilities, identify the capabilities you are looking to retain in-house, review support options by third party Workday support specialists, design and deploy application support processes and governance structure and transition support from the programme to your application support team.

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