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Cutover management

In large enterprises, deployment of a new system can be complicated, requiring steps to be conducted in a particular sequence to properly configure environments and applications in production. If the cutover fails, the team’s hard work can be in vain resulting in costly hours of re-work, the project launch being delayed, and customers may experience service issues while the cutover is being rolled back from the production environment.

We work with you to define your cutover framework including developing your cutover strategy, cutover plan, contingency and roll back plans, facilitate a dress rehearsal and ultimately manage the cutover into production.

How we support you:

  • Define the cutover strategy, detailing the approach for cutting over to the new system, processes, service operations and triggers for communication and change activities.

  • Define the cutover roadmap, detailing the key blocks of cutover activities, durations, dependencies and critical path.

  • Define the cutover freeze and data catch-up approach, detailing how data changes will be managed during the 'freeze period'.

  • Define a cutover step plan detailing the set of activities required to move data, technology, processes and support components into production use.

  • Facilitate a ‘dress rehearsal’ to simulate execution of the cutover plan as per the conditions at go-live with the purpose of identifying issues and gaps in the approach to rectify prior to the real event.

  • Define contingency plans, roll back plans and a go no-go readiness assessment framework.

  • Manage the production cutover plan and cutover command centre.

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