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Data management

The success of every large-scale transformation initiative depends upon the data that is migrated from legacy systems. Frequently, this data does not exist in the required format in your legacy systems and must be consolidated from multiple systems, cleansed, enriched, harmonised, and ultimately transformed into the target data format required for Workday.

We have the technical expertise and experience to support you on your Workday data migration journey. We will work with you to define the data migration approach, profile the quality and completeness of your organisation's people data and configure our bespoke data migration tool which will be used to transform your organisation's data into the required format for your implementation partner to load into Workday.

How we support you:

  • Undertake source system data exploration activities and data profiling quality and completeness assessment on critical data sets for your migration. 

  • Propose a data cleansing strategy for clean-up and alignment of bad data.

  • Define the approach for migrating data from your existing HR systems to Workday, the approach for data reconciliation, the validation approach and the tools to be used.

  • Define the employee and organisation data dictionary detailing data to be mastered within Workday, data definitions, owners and consumers of the data across the enterprise.

  • Work with your system owners to map data fields and elements from your source system to the data scheme and defined configuration of Workday.

  • Provide a pre-configured data migration tool with standard migration processes and rule-based validations as an accelerator that results in a data conversion process that is predictable, repeatable and automated.

  • Oversee the end to end data migration process working with your identified data stewards to execute the defined data migration plan.

  • Provide out-of-the-box data reconciliation and validation reports

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