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Systems architecture and integrations

Integrating enterprise platforms has always been difficult, with many disparate platforms, organisations often had to rely on expensive middleware or a large IT staff. This is now recognised as a critical business competency, but one that many companies struggle to achieve when the options are between managing a large number of custom integrations or using very expensive middleware. Today, Workday and other cloud providers are creating plug-in connections that make the integrations easier and much less costly.

We work with you to manage the delivery of all technical components of your Workday programme from defining your organisations integration strategy, assessing the technical impact of implementing Workday into your system landscape, designing and deploying integrations to your strategic enterprise systems and defining your single sign on and mobile strategy.

How we support you:

  • Undertake systems discovery activities to understand your organisation's technology landscape - middleware technologies, intranets, knowledge portals, active directory landscape, web browsers in use, policies for browser extensions, multi factor authentication rules and managed device coverage.

  • Define your integration strategy, detailing the approach for integrating to your enterprise and local systems.

  • Document you existing integrations inventory detailing interface name, business owner, technical contact, priority, complexity, frequency, documentation and test system availability.

  • Undertake an assessment of your existing HR and enterprise systems and local operating companies’ architecture and data flows, documenting the as-is and to-be systems architecture in line with the agreed integration scope.

  • Engage third party system vendors you intend to integrate with to identify technical challenges they may have for integrating to their system, integration capabilities, technical and resource requirements and potential costs.

  • Provide integration analysts to work with you to document your integration business requirements, design specifications, test scenarios and work with you and your implementation partner to carry out end-to-end testing.

  • Define the access and authentication strategy detailing how your organisation's workers will access Workday, whether they are allowed to access via SSO, the company network and or VPN, mobile, both companies managed devices and personal.

  • Manage the technical cutover plan, knowledge transfer activities to the business as usual support organisation and provide warranty support once Workday is live in production.

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