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Reporting and analytics

Attracting, developing, and retaining talent is complex. Businesses increasingly rely on technology to help monitor the lifeblood of the company from talent aquisition effectiveness to workforce movement trends, compensation equity, diversity and inclusion metrics, pay for performance and succession readiness for critical positions. Simply collecting data isn’t helpful - data is only valuable when it tells a story, and only when presented in a meaningful way that allows your business to make data driven decisions.


We work with you to design and deploy your organisation's people analytics strategy ensuring it dovetails with your organisation’s broader enterprise data and analytics strategy and fully leverage Workday’s suite of people dashboard, KPIs, embedded analytics, predictive analytics and operational reports.

How we support you:

  • Assess your organisation existing analytics maturity level and define your short and long-term goals.

  • Hold sessions with your key business stakeholders to understand the people metrics of interest and their alignment to your organisations business goals.

  • Undertake discovery activities to document an inventory of existing reports, customers and reporting tools that are used across the organisation.

  • Define your people analytics strategy detailing your reporting vision, principles, framework, scope, methodology, requirements, target reporting architecture, usage personas, roles and responsibilities and roadmap.

  • Undertake a gap-fit analysis on the Workday delivered analytics suite, identifying new custom report requirements.

  • Design and implement new reports, dashboards, KPIs and scorecards.

  • Once live with Workday we can provide continued design and development services for new reports as well as assess the utilisation of existing reports and general health check of your reporting estate.

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