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Quality assurance and testing

Workday is a cloud-based product where every customer is on the same version of the software. The focus is not on testing the product, but to test how the product has been configured for your organisation's specific requirements including how Workday interacts with your third party and internal systems.

We work with you to design the test management approach for the programme detailing the scope, timeline, roles and responsibilities, tools, processes and standards to be used during each test stage of testing. We set up the test management tool, create test scenarios and manage the day-to-day test execution and incident management process ensuring the solution is fit-for-purpose and ultimately ready for live operation.

How we support you:

  • Define the test strategy, detailing the testing approach for the programme, scope, deliverables, timelines, resources, roles and responsibilities, tools, processes and standards to be used during each test stage.

  • Document the test plan, detailing dates for the testing activities, resource requirements and key dependencies.

  • Create test scenarios  based on the requirements gathered during the architect stage and input from your processes and subject matter experts.

  • Undertake an assessment of existing testing tools within your organisation that could be used to support test execution and defect/change management.

  • Set up the chosen test tool and create dashboards to track test execution progress and incident management metrics.

  • Create testing support documents to support general test activities, including tester briefing packs and test tool user guides.

  • Provide test management services, including a test manager and test analyst(s) to oversee the end-to-end test and incident management processes.

  • Provide testing services for Workday release updates, providing testing methodology and tooling.

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